These Are The Worst Family Photos Ever

When you go for a big family photo, the aim is always to get some cool snaps that shows you all happy. It’s to get those photos of you all in good, rude health having a good time. In later life, you can look back and reminisce about those special times when everyone was so happy and healthy. To get this properly right, though, you need to hire a photographer.

Many families will get someone out to snap photos of the family together so that they can get access to the best images of the family together. They act as mementos that shows a real strength of happiness and unity. However, just like you need to get a photographer to snap these photos well… you need to hire the right photographer!

So, when the Zaring family decided to call out a photographer who had contacted them via Facebook, they thought it sounded like a cool idea. While photographers always ask for exposure to their work after the job is done, we reckon this snapper maybe didn’t expect the kind of response that she received when the job was done…

So, she contacted the family claiming to be a middle-aged woman and a photographer of some repute. For $250, she was gonna take them to the awesome Forest Park, St. Louis, and snap some fantastic photos of the family together. At that kind of price, how could they say no?

It took them a whopping 8 months to get the photos back, after having gone through post-production. I know what you are thinking; it takes a Hollywood flick around 8 months in PP – why would a simple set of family shots take such an unbelievably long time?


So, as you can see, the family, uh, weren’t quite captured as they expected to be. These outrageously creepy cartoon characters appeared to be there, too, with the majority of the family barely recognizable – or even human in some of the photos. The eyes and teeth looked like that memorial that was made of the late Princess Diana, where she looked like she’d smoked 50 cigarettes a day and never slept!

Asking for the original pictures but not a refund, and even having the decency not to name and shame (and ruin) the photographer, Pam and family agree that the hilarity that ensued was more than worth the wait and the commotion.

What do you think? Worth the $250?

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