An Unbelievable Story of a Message in a Bottle!! ⋆

An Unbelievable Story of a Message in a Bottle!!

In August 2010, a young boy wrote a message, placed it in a bottle and threw it in the ocean off a beach in Rockport, MA.

© Max Vredenburgh

Nine years later, Max Vredenburgh, who attends Suffolk University, actually received a response to his message in the bottle. This is where things get really wild!

From the time he sent the bottle out to sea, it traveled all the way to the coast of France, over 3,000 miles from where Max lived.

The nineteen-year-old college student got the shock of his life when he actually got a response to the message he wrote so long ago on August 21, 2010.


He told everyone he was a very imaginative kid growing up. At the time, he thought it would fun to write a message, place it in a bottle, and set it afloat on the ocean.

In his message, he talked about things that interested him including animals and cars.  At the end of the message he asked if someone would respond back to him.

He really hoped he would get answered back but didn’t honestly think that would really happen. What’s really wild, he did get a response even if it took a little longer than expected.

Who Found It?

Dubois identified himself as the person who wrote back on October 15, 2019, telling Max he found his message off the coast of France. He said the bottle must have traveled over 3,700 miles (6,000 kilometers) over the past nine years.

© Max Vredenburgh/Twitter

Dubois also included a map to show Max where exactly his letter ended up.

Vredenburgh said he was completely stunned and so grateful that someone actually found the message and responded back to him. The 10-year-old boy he was back when he wrote his message would have been so excited and thrilled.

He shared the response to his followers on Twitter and promised to keep everyone updated on any further communications. When he shared his story on Twitter, it went viral! He received over 500,000 likes!

He added, something like this reaches a soft spot in people’s hearts about their inner child.

He is now it the process of responding back to Dubois and has promised to keep his followers on Twitter updated as the story continues.  If you’d like, you can follow Max here.