An Odd Note Walt Disney Left Behind Before His Death ⋆

An Odd Note Walt Disney Left Behind Before His Death

As one of the most colorful characters of his – or any – generation, Walt Disney certainly left an impression.

While the passing of time has caused more than a few vaults in opinion over the man and his leanings, politically or otherwise, Disney left a huge impact on the world of animation, fantasy, and fiction. Take out the other stuff: what Walt Disney achieved in his lifetime was something beyond the wildest dreams of even the most ambitious person.

True to form, though, Mr. Disney had a habit of leaving behind some very intriguing and interesting clips, clues, and letters. One note that he left behind prior to his death, though, was very much a mysterious find.

Plans for the Future?

Prior to being hospitalized and dying, a note was seemingly left behind that said: “TV Projects In Production: Ready for Production or Possible for Escalation and Story,” – the note then lists the names of Ron Miller, 2 Way Down Cellar, CIA-Mobley, and Kurt Russell. Confused? Same.

According to some people, such as Disney archivist Dave Smith, the note was about possible future projects to be made. Obviously, the name of Kurt Russell stands out immediately. Disney had previously said that he thought Russell was a tremendous actor and had personally ensured that he received a studio contract prior to his death.

Indeed, as early as 1966 he was predicting that Russell has “a great acting future” ahead of him. When asked about in 2013 in The View, though, Russell said: “I assume, as [does] everybody else, that he was talking about some movie that he was thinking about having me in… I don’t know what to make of it other than that,”

The history of Disney and Russell is obviously quite significant. He starred in movies like The One and Only, so he had a fair amount of success from that side of his career.

So, we can probably say that Walt Disney brought more than Mickey Mouse into our lives: he brought far, far more – including most likely the career of Kurt Russell!