An Identical Marriage: See the Special Photos Yourself ⋆

An Identical Marriage: See the Special Photos Yourself

Life is full of unique moments and special surprises, and marriage is definitely up there. Being able to share that special moment with your family and closest friends is always a memorable, life-changing experience.

That being said, though, sometimes siblings can be so close that their marriages almost feel intertwined: twins, for example, often have that unique bond that is so hard to escape from. Identical twins, more so. However, when Brittany and Briana were born, they were the very definition of inseparable: two peas in a pod!

So, when they both fell for a pair of identical twins themselves, it immediately created a rather interesting story: a joint marriage. A fairytale joint wedding to bring together a unique quirk of love and togetherness: what more could we possibly want from the world?

Starting As They Mean To Go On

From wearing the same clothes to going on double dates together, Brittany and Briana were more or less the one person, to begin with. They have done everything together, but they did both find it hard to find true love in life so far. People who aren’t twins find it tough to understand the depth of connection and bond that exists here.

For that reason, they always joked that they would need to simply find a pair of twins to fall for them instead!

While that was always a tongue in cheek joke it eventually happened in 2017 at the Twins Day Festival. The two girls met Joshua and Jeremy Salyers, and immediately the group hit it off together. Indeed, the two boys had even made a pact to make sure that, like the girls, they would only fall for a pair of twins. After a series of months of happy dating, the four made it clear that this was more than just a good time: this was it.

Proposing to the girls with a pair of identical rings, the two girls said yes without hesitation and thus the excitement for that big day they had all waited for so long could finally begin. With the entire wedding carrying off that unique twin theme, the whole experience came to be just as they had all planned.

Even cooler still, they plan to stick to this unique bond of togetherness. They intend to raise their kids together, live in the same house and bring together a new form of a family bond. Many of us are quick to cast aside our own family when we start a family of our own: it’s safe to say that we don’t need to worry about that happening with the Salyers!

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