Amy Schumer Launches All-Size Fashion Label ⋆

Amy Schumer Launches All-Size Fashion Label

Controversial in just about every way, Amy Schumer has created a comedy career based on not following the rules. Part of the reason she’s disliked by a lot of comedy fans stems from that inability to stick to ‘the ‘norm – others purely dislike her for far more misogynistic reasons. However, while I personally quite like Schumer, what you think of her personally should not matter when it comes to evaluating her new “all size” fashion label starting up in December.

This move by the comedian and entrepreneur is yet another move where her heart is very much in the right place. Quite a standout in that Schumer does not follow the standard mainstream celebrity ‘code’ on what looks good, she’s always stood out for her looks as much as her personality. That’s part of the reason so many think this latest launch is only going to empower her powerful reputation.

Le Cloud, the name of the range, will launch on 13th December. She’s worked alongside the famous Leesa Evans to make sure the range is high quality, modern, stylish and empowering for all people who choose to wear it. Speaking to WWD, Schumer said: “My instinct is to be authentic and to empower women of all ages and sizes to do the same,


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“We are making beautiful, comfortable and wearable clothing that is accessible to real women. A Le Cloud customer will feel confident and powerful when wearing these pieces. We take our product seriously, but not ourselves.”

Something for everyone

Best of all? It’s not some “for everyone” fashion brand that is priced for the 1%. This awesome new release will be affordable priced, and will carry sizes from sizes 0-20 – so there will be something or just about everyone.

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Another nice touch is that the label will send 30% of all of its proceeds to Community Partners, a non-profit group who work to help the Stylefund project. This 2017 project is all about empowering women via the clothes they wear to deliver a great sense of self-respect and self-success.

The fashion world is loaded and littered with “all size” brand which are either unaffordable or very much limited outside of the standard size selections. This new brand, though, looks set to kick some of these standard irritations about the industry into the distance.

Speaking about why she chose to work with Evans, Schumer said: “She [Evans] taught me about proportions, and she taught me that I could feel comfortable in something other than sweatpants,

“The tools that she gave me for feeling comfortable and feeling that I could reach my full potential, and I was more worthy to be out in the world in an outfit. I wanted to pass that on to every woman. That is my truest, deepest reason I wanted to do this. And wanting it to be affordable and comfortable and look great.”

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