America's Most Epic Splitting Up Messages ⋆

America’s Most Epic Splitting Up Messages

What happened to “We have to talk…”?

This list presents some very creative people who broke up with their loved ones in the most hilarious way.

A Bone To Pick

Poor Paul will probably never show his face again after this sign was put up for everyone to see. Not just that, but he is even losing the dog!

The only way we could justify this is if Paul deserved it. Though it’s hard to think of how one can deserve to be publicly lambasted like this.

Catching His Attention

Now, this is some payback served on a golden platter! When Steven was driving to work, without a care in the world, we bet he never would have guessed he would stumble across this billboard.

One thing’s for sure; you do NOT cheat on Emily and get away with it. She and the expensive looking billboard will make sure of that.

At Least They Were Considerate

Okay so maybe you just got your heart broken (and not even with the respect of a face to face break-up) but at least you can now stuff your face with pizza!

This takes comfort-food to a whole new level. It’s even considerate, in a way! Being single again often means you have to cook for yourself – this should at least get you going for a day. And tase better in the morning.

More Creative Exes Ahead…