Childhood Photos of Stars Before They Were Famous ⋆

Childhood Photos of Stars Before They Were Famous

Sometimes it is easy to forget successful people were once not famous. Here’s a look at celebrities, athletes and musicians before they were famous, after all, everyone has a childhood and someone to take cute childhood photos…


This cute little 2 years old is gonna rock the world. Don’t be fooled by Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s baby face, that’s a real go-getter and a strong woman! She is so strong that no one at school knew about the migraine headaches that plagued her because she didn’t want to be different, she overcame an abusive relationship and scored her first No.1 hit when she was only 18!

Born in February 20, 1988, she started a girl band at the age of 15 but of the three girls, she was the only one producer Evan Rodgers liked. Rogers later assisted her to get a contract from Def Jam records and went on to become Rihanna!

Did you know that when she was 16 she left Barbados to live in America with Evan Rogers and his wife so she could promote her budding career?

Meghan Markle

Although Meghan Markle is just about as famous as it gets these days with her recent marriage to Prince Harry, there was a time before her fame that her career in Hollywood wasn’t so glamorous.

Most of us know Meghan for her role as Rachel Zane in ‘Suits’, a paralegal who is miraculously as beautiful as she is smart. Just about everyone fell in love with her character. However, few know that before she scored this role, she worked for a while as a “briefcase girl” on the US game show ‘Deal or No Deal”. Quite the different settings she is looking forward to now as she is about to enter the royal family!

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