Grown-ups Reward Stickers for 'Adulting' ⋆

Grown-ups Reward Stickers for ‘Adulting’

Apparently, “adulting” is quite the feat for the generation rising up into adulthood. Simple tasks such as paying bills, showing up to work on time, or scheduling a doctor’s appointment are nearly insurmountable.

So, what better way to inspire yourself than with a commending sticker any time you accomplish one of these mundane tasks? If you’re struggling to be a functioning grown-up, then there’s a wall calendar for you.

“I Adulted!” is a 16-month calendar-slash-sticker book, available for $15.99 on Amazon. Along with charting the passage of time, this product comes with an advertised 100 stickers that celebrate daily accomplishments such as “I emptied the litter box!,” “I cooked for myself!” and the frighteningly telling “My parents don’t pay my rent!”

If you’re a grown adult, I sure hope they aren’t paying your rent for you! It seems more like they should be paying your therapy bills if this calendar is a necessity in your life.

A Joke With a Grain of Truth

I know this calendar is more of a joke, a gag gift, but the fact is that every joke has a bit of truth in it. And the truth in this calendar is not just a little alarming. The kids that are now becoming adults grew up receiving participation trophies and gold stars, and it seems they still need ways to congratulate meager efforts.

What’s more is that this calendar is released in June! Who buys a brand-new wall calendar in the middle of the year? The kind of people that need this sort of inspiration, I suppose! I think the money would be more well-spent if they put it towards the rent their parents are paying.

“I Adulted!” is the third in a line of products. In 2017, the company came out with the book I Adulted Stickers for Grown-Ups which users called “fun,” “encouraging” and “a great morale booster,” and the next year brought a calendar. This year, they’ve put the two together to form a sticker calendar.

Amazon’s algorithm is quite funny, however. When you search the products, you’ll see that sponsored products related to last year’s edition include a variety pack of stickers for teachers to give out in the classroom behavior-reward chart for toddlers! Good one, Amazon!

The 2018 calendar has just one review, but it’s obviously someone with a great sense of humor.

“Received a baby blanket in place of this,” Trevor writes. “I just want my calendar.”