Adopt a Retired Police or Army Dog! ⋆

Adopt a Retired Police or Army Dog!

These wonderful dogs want the same thing other dogs want.  A home filled with love, comfort, and know they will be there forever!  Police dogs have spent their lives sniffing out drugs, tracking down bad people, and rescue missing children or people who are lost.  Finding a home seems to be a lot more difficult for them.

Thanks to organizations like Mission K9 Rescue that are dedicated to placing these wonderful retired police dogs and military working dogs into loving responsible homes where they can live the rest of lives in warmth, surrounded by peace and love. Please click here to learn more about Mission K9 Rescue and then visit, you’ll learn so much more about these incredible pups!

You and your friends can make a difference in these police and military dogs’ lives.  Before President Clinton signed Robby’s Law back in 2000, many military and police dogs were not adopted by other service members, handlers, or trainers.

Sadly, they were euthanized after they retired.  Organizations like Mission K9 Rescue are working to make these dogs adoptable for all civilians. Their mission, to rescue, reunite, find homes, repair, and rehabilitate these incredible animals that have been serving people in so many ways.

How to Adopt a Pro-Dog

If you are interested in adopting retired police or military dogs, your home must meet the standards that can vary from one breed to another.  You must also show you want to give one of these dogs a forever home, have the time time to give to a new pup.

U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Brian Zamiska, the company first sergeant for Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team “Rakkasans,” 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), pulls security with a U.S. Air Force working dog, Jan. 6, 2013, during a patrol with the Afghan Border Police in Tera Zeyi district, Afghanistan. The ABP were looking for locals suspected of creating improvised explosive devices. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Alex Kirk Amen, 115th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

Keep in mind, most retired K9s are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, which are both very smart, great dogs.  In general, they are older dogs who are looking for love. There are also adoptable puppies that did not pass TSA training, they need homes too!

For more information and how to adopt police or military dogs, please visit and military working dogs