Zayn Malik Is Claiming Taylor Swift Travels In a Giant Suitcase ⋆

Zayn Malik Is Claiming Taylor Swift Travels In a Giant Suitcase

Last summer, a theory was spread across the internet that Taylor Swift is traveling inside a giant suitcase in order to avoid Paparazzi. It all startedafter various outlets reported that a fleet of cars carrying several security guards arrived outside Swift’s apartment in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood to carefully transport a human-sized suitcase into one of the cars.

This week it seems that we got some sort of confirmation when Former One Direction star and a former Taylor Swift Lover Zayn Malik appears to have confirmed the rumor that Taylor Swift travels in a suitcase to avoid the paparazzi.

In a profile published in Vogue UK magazine, Malik casually drops into the conversation just seven words about the lengths Taylor Swift goes to for privacy. When asked about his relationship with Swift and her ability to avoid paparazzi he simply said: “She was traveling around in a suitcase,”

Taylor Swift traveling inside a suitcase, photo by JCNYC / Splash News


Unbelievable as it sounds t would now seem that the theory might hold some weight, so don’t expect any paparazzi shots of the music star anytime soon.

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