Abandoned Chimp Makes New Family ⋆

Abandoned Chimp Makes New Family

When we hear of abandoned animals, we feel sad. They are usually with a small chance of surviving, too, which only helps to heighten those feelings of sorrow for what is going on.

Thankfully, there are locations like the awesome Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center, in Congo. They were told that a chimpanzee was being held illegally by someone, and set out with a team to go and find the culprits and save the chimp. Their team flew around Virunga National Park, looking for monstrous poachers. They worked together on the ground and in the air to help stop poachers from hurting and killing these beloved animals.

Anthony Caere, one of the teams’ pilots, was sent out to find this amazing little chimp and then bring him to safety. The fact they need protection due to endangerment meant finding this little chimp was a matter of grave importance. The little chimp, named Mussa, was brought back to the group and kept safe. According to Itsaso Velez del Burgo, the Technical Director of LPRC, the family was likely slaughtered.


Mussa’s family was certainly killed, maybe just the mum, but probably they killed several members of the family. Is not possible to take a baby from the arms of her/his mum without killing her, because as in humans, mothers will do anything possible to protect their offspring,” he said.

A Truly Vicious Act


When the little one arrived via helicopter to join the 200+ chimps they have on-site, the team was delighted. Mussa was very excited by the trip, snuggling up with the team as he even fell asleep during the long journey to safety.

Anthony was the pilot who saved him, and Mussa immediately formed a strong bond with him. He helps out the local Rangers, he helps to utilize and carry surveys out and also carries out evacuations when needed. Indeed, Mussa was the third chimp this year alone that he has been able to save from a life of pain, captivity and death.


Sharing a photo on his Instagram of the National Park, Caere asked for people to be more mindful of nature and to care for it. A deep lover of nature and wildlife, he does a lot for animals like Mussa – and it would appear that they respect him for it.

Photos of young Mussa resting after his ordeal were received with great acclaim. Laughing away and having a good time – you would never know that he had gone through such a trying life so far. If you want to know more about how you can help out the team at LPRC, then you should check out their official website.

Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center

You can donate to the park itself to help care for animals, and you can spread the word to family and friends. We can only stop monsters who poach by being serious about taking them on and helping those who wish to stop them.

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