A Wedding From Hell

Weddings are what majority of girls dream about growing up. You’ve got the lavish gown, the decked-out reception and a night of celebrating love with friends, what could be better? But things took a nasty turn yesterday in a not-so-dreamy wedding tale when a Tennessee woman, Elizabeth Prichard, was arrested only hours after getting married for pointing a gun at her husband’s head and firing- all while still wearing her wedding dress!!!!

We get it, passions are high the night you get married, after all, tying the knot is a huge commitment. But surely only a few hours after walking down the aisle and committing your love for eternity, aren’t you still meant to be in honeymoon stage? Doesn’t the arguing and anger come later? Apparently not.

Love Moves In Mysterious Ways

Kate Elizabeth Prichard

Kate Elizabeth Prichard

Police responded to a local motel to find 25-year-old Kate Elizabeth Prichard and her husband still arguing. A policeman claimed after chatting to several witnesses “She pulled out of her wedding dress a 9 mm pistol. Pointed it at her new husband’s head and pulled the trigger,” Fortunately the gun was not loaded and did not discharge.

However, moments after this incident witnesses claimed the pistol-packing bride loaded a round and fired another shot in the air, causing those around them to flee. Soon after this she tried to hide the gun in the bathroom, but police found it shortly after her arrest. Prichard has been charged with aggravated domestic assault. Miraculously, some love clearly remains between the coupled since they were uncooperative with officers when questioned and denied that anything was unusual. Talk about weird ways to display affection.

It Has Happened Before…

Billy Brewster and killer fiance Na Cola Franklin

Billy Brewster and killer fiance Na Cola Franklin

This isn’t the first hubby to find himself attacked by his wife-to-be before the end of his wedding day. Tragically, in Billy Brewster’s case, the attack was fatal. Back in 2012, Brewster was found dead with knife wounds the day of his wedding, and his soon to be wife was accused and convicted of the murder.

Police claimed Na Cola Franklin (31) and Brewster were arguing at their home in Pennsylvania in the early hours of Saturday, this escalated leading Franklin to stab Brewer twice with a kitchen knife, one knife wound puncturing his heart. Although this case was more complicated, since the couple already shared three children and the defense attorney claimed self-defense, many friends of the couple claimed Na Cola Franklin, the bride to be, was always the violent one in the relationship and if anyone was abusive it would have been her. Franklin was punished for her horrific crime and instead of standing at the altar that Saturday, she stood in a prison cell.

Clearly not all weddings are dreamy, and not all Brides are angels. Wedding days, such as these, could end in tragedy and brides, such as these, could turn out to be nothing more than Bridezillas.