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A Surprising Secret Found in An Arizona Backyard

An Obsession Begins

We’re often quick to dismiss rumors. Indeed, in the years John’s friend owned the house, the friend never paid much attention to the rumor or set out to verify it. Yet when John heard it, he was captivated.

John went about his day, unpacking boxes and running routine errands. But he couldn’t stop thinking about what his friend had said. If the rumor was true, he could be the one to unearth a decades-old mystery. He simply had to find out for himself whether or not it was true.

Taking Matters into His Own Hands

As the intrigue grew into an obsession, John decided to get to the bottom of this story once and for all. When the friend first mentioned the home’s mysterious past, John even jokingly asked to borrow a shovel.

Eventually, John realized he would need more than just a shovel for this project. While he had no clue what he was actually looking for, he was determined to find out.