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A Surprising Secret Found in An Arizona Backyard

The Final Result

Now that the stairs were complete, John had to fix up the rest of the bunker. He updated his followers, “My plans are to clean up the interior, repaint it and turn it into a really cool man cave, HAM shack, and Civil Defense Museum.”

He continued, “Once I started this project I researched a bunch about the Cold War period and how the civilian fears prompted many people to build these shelters.”

Turning the Bunker into a Historical Monument

These days, John is working hard to realize his dream of turning the bunker into a Cold War museum. To do so, he has been collecting artifacts from that era. The museum will display water supply barrels, Geiger counters, HAM radios, and sanitation kits.

In the end, John solved the mystery of his backyard. But he accomplished so much more than that. Who would have thought that a silly rumor could have such a big impact on John’s life!