A Surprising Secret Found in An Arizona Backyard ⋆

A Surprising Secret Found in An Arizona Backyard

Looking for the perfect house can be a long and tiring quest, but the feeling of finally moving into a promising new place is rewarding. When a fire department captain settled into the house he bought in Tucson, Arizona, he expected some peace and quiet. But he soon made a startling discovery. You won’t believe the secret he discovered on his new property.

It All Started with a Rumor…

When John Sims decided to buy a house in a quiet neighborhood of Tucson, Arizona, he imagined a calm, simple life. Little did he know, he was about to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. It all started when he heard a curious rumor.

We’ve all heard them, and maybe even helped to spread them. Rumors about strange or haunted houses have fascinated us all since childhood. Shortly after moving into his new place, John heard a rumor about his very own home. Supposedly, something mysterious was buried in his backyard.

John’s Friend Reveals Something Unexpected

A friend had previously owned the house John Sims bought. John felt good about the purchase, trusting that if anything at all was wrong with the house, the friend would have told him.

But only after the real estate deal was made, John’s friend unexpectedly revealed that a rumor had been going around about the house’s mysterious past. Something had apparently been buried in the backyard, many years ago.