A Stranger's Reaction to a Boy's Choice for Rainbow Flip Flops ⋆

A Stranger’s Reaction to a Boy’s Choice for Rainbow Flip Flops

There are way too many cases when parents will shame their kids for their choice in clothing, even colorful flip flops.  One stranger was touched when she observed a mom who validated her son’s personal choice.

There are times you will leave your favorite shopping store with something you were not bargaining on such as your child’s choice in fashion.  It doesn’t stop there, how about their chosen soft drinks or a silly little toy from Family Dollar.

When you get appreciation from an absolute stranger, that’s better than all the strange little items you threw into your shopping cart.

Strangers in the Supermarket

A woman shared an experience she had when shopping at Target that was actually incredibly wonderful.  She took her two sons to Target to buy flip flops.  She called them Number One and Number Two to protect their privacy.

Child Number One picked out a pair of plain blue flip flops while Child Number Two chose a pair that were pink, blue with orange stripes and bright pink straps.

As they stood in line to pay for their items, Number Two son was talking about his flip flops and how excited he was to buy them.

At that moment, a woman behind them cleared her throat as she had something to say.  Mom, at that moment, was very nervous what this stranger had to say.

She knew that most strangers are not going to compliment you on your parenting skills but just find criticism.

Two months earlier, she read how someone was talking about being shamed as a mom in a Target parking lot for the way she protected her daughter from an oncoming car.

At first, mom thought this was going to another head-banging from a stranger and started to cringe.  Even though we now live in a society of gender-neutral, not all people believe boys should wear pink shoes.

Well this woman, who was behind them in line, proceeded to say that her daughter bought the exact same flip flops a week earlier.  She said not only are they really cute but they go with everything!

The mom went on to write that even though there are so many people with negative viewpoints, there are also just as many really wonderful people out there that will back you up.

She strongly believes that if her sons want to wear blue shoes, that’s fine, if they want to wear pink shoes that fine with her also.

After this posted, several other people talked about their sons playing with American Girl dolls, painting nail polish on their nails, and absolutely love the color pink.