A Simple Step to Transform the Way You Make Cookies ⋆

A Simple Step to Transform the Way You Make Cookies

We all love the smell of a freshly baked cookie and anyone who spends any time baking has their own special secret tricks to make their cookies taste divine. However, there is a special step that most people, even experienced cookie bakers, forget and that is that you really should chill the cookie dough before baking!

Even if you already make the most delicious cookies, including this one step is going to take your baking to the next level.

Why Does It Make A Difference?

Putting the dough in your fridge cools the fats down and this is especially important if you use butters with higher fat content.  You might notice that your cookies can spread out really quickly once you pop them in the oven, even to the point where they look quite flat and thin.  If you chill them the cookies retain their shape and texture.

Chilling the dough means that the cookies taste better.  The dry ingredients have a chance to soak up the wet ones, the dough becomes firmer, less wet, and the flavors are stronger.  The cookies also bake more evenly and come out of the oven beautifully golden.

If you like to use brown butter then consider making the dough the day before and leaving it in the fridge overnight in order to get a really rich, tasty cookie when you bake them the following day.

As the drier ingredients hydrate the flour and the sugar combine making the dough even sweeter.  Just half and hour in the fridge can really make all the difference between biting into a good cookie or a really great one.

How Long Do I Wait?

If you are rushed then around 30 minutes can mean the cookies stay firm rather than spreading to thinly.  However, if you have the time to leave the dough in the fridge overnight then do so, it will really give the flavor a boost.

If you are looking for cookies that respond well to chilling many people will recommend it for chocolate chip.  However, all cookies benefit from having some time chilling in the fridge.