A New Twist on Selfies – 3D Camera Mode ⋆

A New Twist on Selfies – 3D Camera Mode

A new messaging app has announced the 3D Camera Mode which allows users to turn their photos from one-dimensional flat images to the artwork that looks life-like just by a movement of their handset.

You will be able to capture photos in great detail by changing the perspective and appearance simply by how you move your phone when viewing.  These photos not only look different but feel and act differently.

Apple’s TrueDepth Camera

The new app takes full advantage of Apple’s TrueDepth camera system. TrueDepth replaces the fingerprint sensor which is now possible with this new camera system.  You can simply tap to wake up your system or from a notification that will wake up the screen. Every time you unlock your device, TrueDepth will recognize you by capturing data along with an infrared. Image.

Unlock your phone using Apple Pay to gain access to their secure apps or use Face ID bring emoji to life as animated images. You can also find similar effects in Snapchat’s filter carousel.  You can swipe to add stickers, overlays, or text to bring your 3D images to life.

Great communication couldn’t get easier or more fun with visually rich shots.  Snapchat is planning forward to continue with improvements in new ways for their users to express themselves and have fun using their Snapchat cameras.

As of date, the feature requires a front-facing camera with depth data including iPhone X or newer versions.  In the future, the firm will support different sensors and gadgets, but for right now, all Snapchat users can receive and view the 3D effect on any iOS or Android device.

This update arrived directly after 3D effects came into play with Spectacles in August.  In the meantime, Snapchat is in early discussions with publishers to launch a dedicated new tab in Discover by 2020.