99-year-old Walks 6-Miles Every Day to See Sick Wife ⋆

99-year-old Walks 6-Miles Every Day to See Sick Wife

Today, we hear many old people tell us that ‘true love no longer exists’ – that things like Tinder have ruined it. We no longer court one another and fall in love: we meet in inebriation, have a mistaken child and put up with one another until they are out of college. While this is an obvious generalization and nothing could be further from the truth in many ways, it’s true that some seniors can show us how to do love ‘right’ – take Luther Younger.

Younger, 99, takes a ridiculous 6-mile walk every single day to see his beloved wife, Warverlee. Regardless of the weather, Younger takes the walk to see his beloved on a daily basis to help prove that true love exists once and for all. Despite the advancing years, Younger can’t bear to be away from his beloved for any longer than he has to.

Indeed, he’s been a bit of a character around Rochester for some time, with people recognizing his amazing story for some time. It was reported in the past by local news, before gong national not too long ago.

Heading to the Strong Memorial Hospital, the 99-year-old – still in cracking shape for someone of his seniority – makes the 6-mile round-trip every single day to see her. According to one journalist who went to the hospital with him, he was capable of pulling off some perfect push-ups before cracking on with the journey!

A Special Story

Waverlee was unfortunately diagnosed with a brain tumor and was given just five years to live. This was nine years ago. In and out of the hospital, sometimes for extensive periods of time, Luther has always been there for her to make sure that she can get through the day. Many times, he’s even slept on the floor of the hospital room just to make sure that she had some comfort for the evening.

Asked why he does not just take transport or the bus, Luther said: “I got a wife. I don’t want to wait on the bus. I want to go up there to see my wife,”

A hard labourer and a true grafter Luther claims that the walk gives him time to think, and reminds him of his working days – an admirable reason from what is obviously a very admirable man. A former Marine with a record in the Korean War, he’s a physically upbeat guy who knows how to look after himself – and his family.

This isn’t just about proving to the community he’s still ‘got it’, though – far from it. “She is a beautiful lady and she treats me as a person is supposed to be … she made a man out of me,” he said.

“That’s why I love her, because she’s tough. She’s not weak … That’s the kind of woman I want.”

As he walked into the room to visit Waverlee she visibly perks up. If only we could all find a love that’s so strong, huh? If you want to help out, you can contribute to the GoFundMe campaign that helps to pay for Waverlee’ hospital costs.

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