98-Year-Old Hospital Volunteer Not Slowing Down ⋆

98-Year-Old Hospital Volunteer Not Slowing Down

When we hear about people volunteering at a hospital, it’s easy to feel pride. You might not know the person, but someone carrying out such a challenging but selfless act is always impressive. As such, when we read about senior citizens still giving something back to society, we often feel that same sense of pride.

It’s why the work done at Morton Plant Hospital is so incredibly worth your time learning about. Indeed, one person who helps out there, 98-year-old Mary Ellen Owens, has clocked up over 5,000 hours of volunteer time. Think about how many weeks of paid work that would be!

Some people are just so selfless, though, and she also has no plans whatsoever of slowing down. Having enjoyed an eventful and successful life herself, she’s now giving back to those who are in need of a helping hand.

She was a name within the entertainment industry, once working as a model in the Richmond, Virginia area. Moving to the Big Apple eventually, she came close to making it big on the movie scene.

In a happy and loving marriage, Mary was heartbroken when her husband was diagnosed with chronic illness 24 years ago. Spending a lot of time in and out of the hospital with her husband, she began to release how much work gone on in a hospital.

When her husband sadly passed away, Mrs. Owens decided that it was time to give back to those who had helped her husband to get through so much in life.

Giving Back

For the last two-plus decades, then, she’s been a mainstay of the volunteer force of the hospital. While she cannot carry out the same volume of duties that she once did, Owens does all that she can to help out at least once per week.

And she has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Not far off a whopping 7,000 hours of volunteer service, a huge milestone is in the distance for her. Being able to help out those who helped her in the past is a great thing, and shows her as someone who really appreciates what she has had in life.

That warm and loving personality, you might imagine, always resonates with the people who she helps out. She’s a warm, caring and loving person: the kind that makes it very easy for us to retain a lot of faith about humanity. For many people, then, the brilliant Mrs. Owens is quite the inspiration!