88-Year-Old Fashionista and Instagram Sensation

This Taiwanese grandma is killing the social media game. With over 93 thousand followers, “moonlin0160” is an Instagram sensation and its not hard to see why.

Scrolling through her photos, it’s clear Lin’s fashion sense is one of a kind and I find myself stopping every third pic to envy a fashion accessory, a hat, or a pair of jeans. Lin buys her own outfits, and puts them together herself, making sure her style is always 100% her own. Most of her pics are also taken by herself with the use of some serious selfie stick skills. However, it was when she asked a man on the street to take a snap of her and she suddenly went viral.

The Post That Made Her a Sensation

Yi Hong Lee, the man who had the honor of taking a picture of the fashionista, shared her photo along with her story in a Taiwanese Facebook group. His post went:
“This is the grandma I met downstairs today. She asked me if I could take a photo for her to post. I chatted with her a bit and found out she’s actually 88 years old. Truly she was just old physically but not mentally. I immediately added her on Facebook (She is the oldest girl I have ever asked to add on Facebook….). Here’s her Instagram.”


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Her popularity spread like wildfire and next thing she knew, she was an overnight Instagram star.

Doing What She Loves

What’s even more refreshing about Moon Li, is her authenticity. Lin never intended to become an international sensation, rather fashion has always been her creative outlet and she started posting on Instagram because as she says, it “makes her young”!

People are loving her photos, and her fan following is super impressed by her style, her sass, and her ability to always be herself! “I’ve just been doing what I’ve wanted all along” she says about her newfound fame.