82 Year Old Veteran Has A Special ‘Thank You’ Sign ⋆
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82 Year Old Veteran Has A Special ‘Thank You’ Sign

It is a season of rejoicing, giving back and also to show appreciation to everyone who has helped you one way or the other. Ron Bates, an 82-year-old veteran chose to say ‘thank you’ to his fellow veterans in a special way. His idea was formed when Ron realized everyone was so appreciative when they found out he had served the country, and it was time he made others feel appreciated too because their victories would not have been possible without the team effort.


So this Christmas, Ron set up a huge sign with the display of appreciation. The location for this sign was strategic. Ron chose to set up his light display at a spot where the helicopters and jets of the Airforce unit fly over. The location was specially chosen to ensure the pilots and other crew members could see the sign from the air when they flew over.

The message board is huge. It is a light display screen of about 10pkg with a frame. Ron had lived close to the air force base for many years, and the thought of doing something so simple yet meaningful, kept him focused on the project from start to finish.


This gesture is especially spectacular because many of the officers at the air force base may not be spending Christmas with their families. It is a normal occurrence. However, people on the outside will feel bad for them, but it is the sacrifice. Ron’s sign saying a big ‘thank you’ was an excellent way to show appreciation to the team of officers and they will probably feel better about their jobs and lives.


The display was built from materials sourced from local shops around and his garage. Ron worked on the project himself and admits he had been at this task for quite a while. Ron says he felt happy with the project because it was engaging and it kept him meaningfully occupied through the months. Moreover, now it is ready for launch. The wood pieces for the sign were cut to size and held in position with rivets and screws. Stencils were created to print the names and dates on the sign. This is how the words ‘thank you’ was formed.


The words ‘thank you’ has a huge impact. Ron couldn’t have chosen better words for his sign. Showing appreciation goes a long way to help others feel better about their sacrifices and commitment. In the military, the service is actually selfless, so when the officers receive appreciation, it is always welcome even though not solicited.

Ron’s big move this Christmas will surely make the mood lighter at the base, every pilot who flies over the sign has something to look forward to, and I am sure regardless of the mission, their faces will light up with a smile after seeing the sign with the words ‘thank you.’

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