8 Nurses Give Birth To 8 Babies - Together! ⋆

8 Nurses Give Birth To 8 Babies – Together!

One of the most beautiful things that can happen in life is the miracle of childbirth. Sure, the actual process is actually quite gruesome if you just look at what is actually happening. The process, though, is incredible – and the end results? Life changing.

To get through a pregnancy these days, most of us will rely upon the sound help and professional care of a nurse. When a nurse falls pregnant, though, the joke is always that there’s now two less nurses: one less nurse to work, and one less nurse to deliver!

However, what happens when eight of your staff are all pregnant at once? You can’t exactly do anything about it. This happened, though, over at the Anderson Hospital’s Pavilion for Women in Maryville, Illinois!

This incredible feature immediately created a lot of commentary around the experience, ensuring there was a more or less instant change in circumstance for each of the staff involved.

With all eight of them due to go through the process they handle every day, it makes sense for the hospital to jump on top of the opportunity – and so some stunning social media content cam to be.

The official Facebook page for the Anderson Hospital’s Pavilion for Women, Maryville, Illinois, was going through the process of seeing a good number of their nurses all going into childbirth at once.

Seven of the eight all gave birth at roughly the same time, with an adorable photo of the seven kids – and one extra little jumper for the one still to come – laid out alongside one another. Teamed the “Elite 8”, this awesome miracle is one that the staff will surely talk about for decades to come!

A True Phenomenon

The nurses all went through the same process together and were all due within a four-month period of one another. It’s an incredible turn of events, with the last of the babies to be born being born around December time.

As the nurses all bonded and grew closer together – fueled by their hilarious pregnancy cravings – they also all managed to ‘enjoy’ the chronic lack of sleep which was to come in the near future. Hey, at least they have plenty of experience of this crucial part of the birthing process!

What’s the biggest amount of people who you know who have been concurrently pregnant? It’s quite a unique feature, so we’d be surprised if you can beat the magic number of eight!