7 Insane Conspiracies that Were Proven to Be True ⋆

7 Insane Conspiracies that Were Proven to Be True

There is nothing juicier than a good conspiracy theory to bite into, and while many we hear about are complete rubbish, there are a very few that actually have truth to them!

So, what are these theories that are not pop culture myths, which conspiracies really did occur? We are about to help you find out!

The Business Plot

It all began in 1933 when a group of very wealthy businessman came together.

The group allegedly included men like the head of Chase Bank, GM, Goodyear, Standard Oil, the DuPont family, and Senator Prescot Bush.

The Plan

What these men planned to do was recruit Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler to lead a military coup against President FDR.

What would come next was the implementation of a fascist dictatorship. Yes, you heard it right, the father and grandfather of two US presidents, Prescot Bush wanted a dictatorship in the U.S