7 Excellent Temporary Design Ideas for Apartments ⋆

7 Excellent Temporary Design Ideas for Apartments

You might think just because you are renting, you are not allowed to bring in your own creative design ideas. Actually you can!

These ideas are inexpensive and easier then you might think. You can put them up in an afternoon and take them down when you are ready to move on. Using a little money and putting in a little time, you can have a place you will love to call home.

Adhesive Removable Tiles:

You do not have to be a professional to make a very attractive backsplash and spruce up your kitchen or bath.


If you will be dealing with corners, you might need a cutting tool, otherwise, just make sure the surface is clean and flat and make sure to fill in any holes so the tiles will lie flat. Visit your local home décor store to get good advice for adhesive removable tiles. Search online to get some really lovely decorating ideas.

How About Paperless Wallpaper:

Removable wallpaper might seem like more than you want to take on. In that case, why not consider getting decals and placing them in a pattern that will make your walls look like wallpaper. You can apply them in a pattern or just stick them here and there to get the look you want.


There are so many designs from dots to palm trees, animals or geometric shapes! Visit your local Home Depot or Lowe’s to see so many patterns and styles to choose from.

Create Your Own Open Shelves:

If you have some empty wall space, you can add floating shelves and display some of your favorite knick-knacks. They are easy to install and when you are ready to move, just take them down and fill in a few holes and you are done! Visit your local home décor store and get some materials such as wood or vinyl for the actual shelves along with the braces and screws.


You have to make sure the shelves will be level, so pick up a level while you are at it.

Install Some Nice Wireless Wall Sconces:

If your apartment has really harsh, unattractive lighting, you can do something about it. You might want to consider installing a few really nice wireless wall sconces that run on batteries. You can turn that room around by adding a nice touch that expresses your taste.


You can place one or two over your couch or on a wall where soft light might be just the ticket for that out of the way spot. For some nice ideas for scones that run on batteries, here are a few on Amazon

Your Outdated Hardware:

You do not have to live with outdated hardware in your kitchen or bathroom sink.


All you need are a few tools, find the perfect replacement in a nicer finish and before you know it, you will have a great looking kitchen or bathroom sink.

Alternative Wall Molding:

Putting up wall molding can be expensive and why would you if you are renting and at some point will move out?


One really great idea, get some frames and paint them the same color as your walls or in a contrasting color. Hang them as is and the frames will look like decorative molding without all the hard work.

Removable Wallpaper vs Permanent Wallpaper:

Removable wallpaper is actually pretty easy to put up. There are so many patterns to choose from that finding something that matches your taste is a breeze.

If you decide to stay in your apartment for a good amount of time and you are tired of the print, just take it down and put up something else. How easy is that?