5-year-old Saves Baby Brother From Certain Death

They say that when we are at our youngest, we can make amazing discoveries and learn things that we don’t even realise. We are like little sponges at a young age; happy to soak up and all information that comes our way. From learning how to kick a ball en route to becoming a football star to writing those first words before becoming a budding author, our earliest life skills can be so crucial to determining our entire futures.

For 5-year-old Oliver Bevans, what he’d picked up in a first aid class in school a few days beforehand saved his little brother Stanley from choking. He was eating a meatball when he began to choke on his dinner, when Oliver sprang into action. Slapping him on the back until the meatball came out and back up, this simple act of learning and then taking action literally saved a family tragedy.

Well done, little Oliver!

Speaking to the BBC, the hero of the day was quite modest: “He choked on a meatball first and then I smacked him on the back three times, the meatball came out and then he was better. Then he had some Calpol and he had some juice.”

Aww, how cute is his little explanation of the story? Don’t talk yourself down though, mate; you did an amazing thing.

It was interesting that only a few days before the event, he had learned about how to do this exact move in school. It just shows you the importance first aid lessons school and being ready to listen; it can be the difference between a life or death situation.

Their grandmother, who they were visiting when it happened, had stepped out of the room briefly – when she returned, she was informed by Oliver what had happened. His mother, too, was full of praise for her little hero, saying: “I don’t think he’ll ever realize what he has done for his brother. I hope, obviously, in a year’s time we’ll keep telling him what he’s done but you don’t think a five-year-old could be as calm and collected and do that.”

Indeed, he’s the perfect example of the benefits of children learning about first aid and medical treatment from a young age. Sure, don’t teach them open heart surgery; but give them the basics. Kids wind up in all sorts of crazy situations when left alone, even momentarily. This allows us to make sure that, if something does happen, they have the ability to spring to action and maybe save a life, just as brave Oliver saved Stanley!

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