5 Ways to Enjoy Stress Free Vacations with the Family ⋆

5 Ways to Enjoy Stress Free Vacations with the Family

It’s the time of year when families are getting ready for their annual summer vacation and although this should be a great time it doesn’t always work out as planned.

There is nothing that ruins the fun faster than a family cooped up together and feeling as if they are living in each other’s pockets.  If you’ve got to the stage where you think the family vacation is more trouble than it’s worth, check out our 5 tips for a stress-free family vacation:

  1. Agree on a Goal for the Trip

Make sure that everyone is on the same page whatever vacation you choose.  For example, if you all decide you want to try a new food each day or learn a new skill, it will make sure you are all going away with the same idea.

  1. Be Prepared for Peoples Temperaments

Before you leave, have a good think about what makes your family tick – is there anything that makes people cranky?  Then think of a way to prevent this before it happens.

If you know your kids get hungry on journeys and then become irritable, pack some snacks.  Make sure you allow for some downtime after travel if people get tired.  Planning around everyone’s needs will save a lot of angst later.

  1. Make Sure You Get Quality Time With Your Partner

It is just as important to get some quality time with your spouse while you are away.  Making sure that anything you choose has some great activities for the kids is a great way to get some couple time.

You may want to tire the kids out during the day and then get a child sitter and have a romantic dinner for two.  Older kids might be happy having a movie and ordering room service so you can sneak off for an hour or so.

  1. Step Away From the Screen!

This is for the adults as well as the kids –  make sure you are going to spend time together when everyone is engaged.

Adults should not be posting on Facebook every 5 minutes and the kids should be limited to using devices on long flights or trips.  If the kids want something to do perhaps get them to write or draw or start a travel journal.

  1. Don’t Be A Drama Queen (Or King!)

Things go wrong from time to time and there are always some things we don’t plan for, however, having a huge drama is only going to make matters worse.

If you can make the best of the situation there is every possibility that an initial disappointment will turn into something positive.  It also teaches your children a valuable lesson in how to handle life’s disappointments.