5 Times Pets & Food Were Hilarious Together ⋆

5 Times Pets & Food Were Hilarious Together

Humans are food are, quite often, disgusting. Talking with your mouth full, chewing too loud or merely eating something somewhat uncouth will always draw irritated glances. You can almost see from the corner of your eye as your partner scowls at you with complete contempt as you devour that fourth chicken wing. When the family dog/cat/badger/whatever does it, though? It’s adorable.

People take pictures of it. They put it on the internet for people to find funny. Sure, when you ate the birthday cake on all fours it was ‘a bloody disgrace’, but when the dog does it? hahahaha!

Let’s take a look at some fine examples of this woeful double standard. How else can we find animals interacting with food in adorable ways that, if a human were to do so, would see you carted off?

A Fulfilling Meal

Sometimes, after finishing our dinner, all we want to do is just sprawl on the floor and leave our face in the bowl. However, there’s a small chance that this may cause those who love you, dearest, to stop talking to you on a regular basis. So, instead, take a look at this cat just reclining directly into food and wonder if only

Caught yellow-faced

When your partner whips around with righteous fury to demand to know “who ate my chocolate!?” it’s best to ensure your face is wiped clean. As this poor wee cat reminds us, it’s easy to think you’ve hidden the evidence. A quick look in the mirror, though, sill let you know if you have pulled off your master plan quite as well as you had hoped for, however.

Mayor McCheese

This adorable little prairie dog is holding a piece of cheese that’s about as big as its nose. It’s adorable, and to watch it just gnaw away on this piece of dairy is very cute indeed. However, it’s also important to note that it’s got a fantastic little get-up on, too: perhaps that somehow makes it even cuter?

He’s a cool little prairie dog, though, but we all know if you were to eat a block of cheese from the fridge that nobody would be as impressed.

The Life of Luxury

Watch as this adorable raccoon rakes its hands through this big collection of blueberries. In the wild, a creature like this would be happy to just take the berries it finds. This raccoon, obviously, has grown to have more accustomed and specific tastes: how ridiculous!

However, it’s easy to look at and love. Just take a quick look and you’ll soon appreciate the life of luxury that this little one Is living day-in, day-out.

A Sick Twist

Sadly, the poor dog chose to serve itself for dinner this time. This outrageous outfit would likely draw many a laugh from those who seen the dog – sadly, it wouldn’t quite be “in” on all the laughter. It is, though, a fine example of how easy it is to turn even the best jokes on ourselves

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