5 Times Kids At Weddings Were... Well... Kids ⋆

5 Times Kids At Weddings Were… Well… Kids

What are weddings without children? Wedding pictures without these little cute boys and girls look boring; they also play important roles such as bearing the ring, and there’s the little bride who always looks so enchanting. However, we also know children in all their innocence can be unpredictable during weddings.

In many weddings, while the photographer is capturing the event, they do not fail to catch children in different stages of…well, enjoyment. These pictures add a unique twist to the couple’s special day. So here are my favorite pictures of children having fun ‘or not’ at weddings;

Having a Drink Like Adults

Children can find special moments during the wedding ceremony to act just like their parents or other adults. Everyone is having fun, and the children experience what it feels like to sit like adults and have a drink. While she is enjoying a glass of…her ‘favorite drink,’ it seems the young man is determined to finish the bottle and order for another. Someone will need to watch this table closely.

He is Curious About The Dress

All day long the little guy has watched guests congratulate the bride and complement her dress, she seems happy, but what’s under that dress? He must be thinking, “it doesn’t look like my mom’s dress, why is it so…big?” and when he gets the chance, the baby makes a move. Let’s hope he is picked up before the groom finds out what he’s been doing.

Those ‘cute’ Tantrums

Someone has made a demand, and she is serious about it, okay the day is not about her, but this little bride is not taking no for an answer. Children love attention, and sometimes, in public, they may need to do extreme things to get noticed. It’s okay, we understand, after all, it’s a wedding, and she has a role to play, I am guessing this cute little girl will win the ‘war.’

You May Kiss The Bride…or Groom

She came prepared, but he wasn’t ready, obviously, so we ended up with an awkward wedding picture. These two will surely laugh at this picture in the future. He is probably thinking about video games and wondering what he is doing here, the ring bearer is lost in his world and finds comfort picking his nose. But the flower girl is excited; she needs to be in character and copy every move, however, that landed on the cheeks.

Run Along Mom, I Got This

The wedding caterer will love this picture. Everyone enjoyed the food, even the little ones. You have to admit, it is not a bad idea to show up at a wedding hungry. But this little guy came over-prepared, and he knows what he wants. There must be something about the pasta. Look the man smiling in the picture- ‘mind blown.’ At least mommy will have something different to worry about this time, the stained clothes.  

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