5 Facts You Didn't know About The Kardashians ⋆

5 Facts You Didn’t know About The Kardashians

Kardashians have been on Television and reality shows since eight years now. They have publically displayed their life on TV which is why every one of you might be well aware of her. Even though there is nothing secret or hidden about the Kardashians but there are still some things which you still don’t know about them. Have a look.


1. Kendell’s middle name

Everyone knows who Kendell Jenner is right? She is a famous model and well-known because of her family, the Kardashians. Did you know Kendell had a middle name? Yes other than Kendall Jenner she also has a middle name, Nicole. This name was kept after Nicole Brown Simpson. Which means her full name is actually Kendell Nicole Jenner.

2. Kim’s Birthday

Kim Kardashian, the most popular member of the Kardashian family celebrates her birthday every year with full zest and enthusiasm. But did you know that she once had her birthday at Michael Jackson’s home? Yes, the popular and recognized singer Michael. Isn’t it just amazing?

3. Change the Number

Robert Arthur Kardashian is also a part of The Kardashian family. You might as well know him by the name Rob Kardashian. Well , e actually changes his number 10 times a year. No one actually knows the real reason but as far as I suspect it is probably because of the anonymous calls he gets due to his popularity.


4. Khloe’s car crash incident

Khloe Kardashian has actually been through something really serious. She had a serious car crash back in 2001, the time when they weren’t famous enough. She had several injuries which took months to recover. The car crash was so severe that it actually went through the windshield. She went through several surgeries and was hospitalized for months.

5. Kim’s Song

Kim actually sang. But not in a way most of the singers do. She wasn’t known for her singing. She sang a song by the name Jam which was her worst nightmare. She still regrets that she sang such a hilarious song. She herself says that it is the most embarrassing thing she ever did in her life.

If you are a regular viewer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians then you most probably didn’t know about these few points about the Kardashians. To view such juicy gossips and details of the celebrities then stay tuned. We are always there to update you with minute details.




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