5 Quick Nourishing Dinner Ideas For Your Kids When You’re Lazy!

As we all know, it’s very easy – too easy – to eat bad food. When we are tired and enduring a long day, the last thing we want to do is stand and cook a long meal. But as parents, we must! Our kids shouldn’t suffer because we are too tired or lazy. Most nutritious and enjoyable meals, though, are quite time-consuming to make. So, most of us choose to go down the route of making family meals via phone call to a local take-out or just eat junk food around the house.

We collected some quick ideas for you to try out. You can now prepare yourself and your family a nourishing dinner without feeling like you need to work for it.

Foil Herb Salmon

This is a fantastically enjoyable dish, one that you should have absolutely no problems making for yourself. This video shows you how to put together a delectable salmon dish using some simple herbs.

It’s very easy to make and has a massively impressive taste. Used right, this is a dish that you can make nice and quickly and won’t feel like much effort at all. Just follow Amelia’ instructions to make a top quality salmon dish.

Garlic & Crab Tagliatelle

Another very popular food to enjoy is to go for some garlic and crab tagliatelle. It’s a very powerful quality of meal and one that can give you a hugely impressive taste. The crab offers something totally different to what you might be used to eating, and it helps to vary up your meals for the kids.

  • Chop 1 red chilli and 4 cloves of garlic
  • Fry with 50g of butter and add 2 tbsp creme fraiche
  • Squeeze in half a lemon and add 200ml white wine
  • Stir in two tins of crab meat, some fresh parsley and season to taste
  • Adjust the levels of butter, creme fraiche, wine and lemon until you get a sauce that suits your taste and toss with fresh tagliatelle to serve.

It’s easy to work with and you should have no problem following along with the rather basic instructions. Some basic ingredients like cream, peppers, lemon and of course tagliatelle is all that you need to make this come to life and taste just right!

Turkey Bolognese

Another nice idea from Amelia is to use turkey, carrots, chopped tomatoes and Bolognese sauce to help make a fast, easy and very enjoyable dish. This is a super simple to make dish, and most of the ingredients can be picked up on your way back home.

It’s very easy to do; it’s all about good, simple prep to make sure the food is never too thick or heavy on the stomach. An excellent starting point, though, when you want to make a nice Bolognese fast without having to put much effort in.


Chicken BBQ Pizza

This superb chicken BBQ pizza recipe is a must-use for any parents who want something nice and easy to make without feeling as if they are spending all day cooking. Very easy to make with most ingredients a piece of cake to pick up, and something that just about any child who enjoys pizza is going to find absolutely delectable.

Taco Sticks

Another expert idea from the team at Tasty, this gives you a very impressive quality of dish that you can very easily enjoy. It’s a very comfortable and easy to make a dish that should not take much effort and most of the ingredients should already be lying around the house, anyway! A good idea for a dinner with a bit of a difference for your kids to try and enjoy.

So, keeping all of the above in mind, the next time you feel like cooking for the kids is going to take a little too long, you should pick up some of these awesome cheesy taco bread sticks and enjoy a much more productive and enjoyable experience without spending all day slaving over the stove!

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