5 Odd Places to Take The Family on Vacation

When trying to book up a family holiday, it’s pretty easy to find it tough to know where to go and where to look. There’s so many places to go in the world that making the right choice can be quite tough. With so many options, there’s always something, somewhere, that someone in the family won’t be too interested in.

While it might be impossible to find the perfect location, here are five locations that are so different to the norm that we’re sure it’ll give every family member something to remember!

  • Gilbert House, Salem. This part of Oregon is the largest Erector set known to man, and here you can get into a bit of weekend archaeology, looking for prehistorical bones of animals long consigned to the history books. It’s like a museum, a playroom and an educational facility all in the one place. For those who like to do something a bit more engaging with their time, a trip here is sure to give you education and entertainment equally.
  • Wizard Quest, Wisconsin. This is a very odd place to come to, but it’s the kind of place that you should love coming to visit as a family. It’s like a massive computer game whereby the kids need to work through a series of riddles, provide correct answers to release wizards who are trapped and work through a 13,000-square-foot facility full of magic, madness, sorcery and much more. A very interesting place for adults and children alike with creative mind-sets.


  • Louis City Museum, Missouri. An interesting place to come is the City Museum; a massive novelty museum that’s loaded with all sorts of awesome attractions both indoors and outdoors. It’s a huge playground essentially that can give parents the chance to relax at the back and restaurant while the kids go nuts and enjoy massive cavern-like designs up until 1AM. A very fun place to go, you should find yourselves settling in here without too much issue upon your arrival.


  • Aircraft Boneyard, Tucson. This cool location gives you the chance to look at what is essentially a massive graveyard for aircraft. A very interesting project, one that you should have no problems at all enjoying and getting a hang of. Over 4,000piloted aircraft lie around here from military and civilian backgrounds. Plenty of education to be had for those who love aviation, as well as interesting learning opportunities to find out more about one of our most important and beloved industries.


  • Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison. Dinosaur Ridge is among the most interesting places to come and visit in the US if you have a love of prehistoric lifeforms before our own. This is a very cool idea, and would give you the opportunity to examine some amazing sites that would give you the chance to see the homes of the likes of Diplodocus and Stegosaurus. A very interesting experience that should be great for all would-be paleontologists.

This fantastic opportunity gives you all the help that you could need to plan out a family trip that will beat the usual trip to the beach of an expensive trip to Disneyland!

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