5 Fun Halloween Costumes for Families ⋆

5 Fun Halloween Costumes for Families

When a whole family gets invested into Halloween costumes, it becomes much more fun! For our favorite family Halloween costumes, here’s what you need to piece together;

The Cat in the Hat

Dress up like the acts from this remarkable children’s series, mom will love it too! Get the kids matching Thing One and Thing Two outfits for an cool team theme. Get Dad dressed as The Cat in the Hat himself. Mom has nothing to do but pull off the smart work dress stunt to fit the part of the clueless mom who was out for the day.

Taco Tuesday

Everything gets better with Tacos, but you could make it even better! The role of taco, hot sauce and avocado can be taken and played by anyone.  Of course, the avocado is a happy choice for moms who are expecting.

Create the fruit off of cardboard, paint it two shades of green, cut holes to make room for your face and baby belly. Get a festive taco costume for your partner and a Sriracha chili sauce tee and green cap for your little one, you’re all set for the ride!

Hotel Transylvania’s Monster Mash

You’ve got a beautiful Halloween family theme when humans and monsters meet. The Hotel Transylvania family costume is an easy one to make with ready-made costumes for Frankenstein and Count Dracula.

To have the father-son duo of Johnny and Dennis remade, all you need do is to layer plain yellow and green tees and don red wigs. A simple black dress and red-and-black striped stockings for Mavis will do the magic. Ensure you tutor your little monsters appropriately with the best kids’ Halloween movies ever produced to get everyone in the right monster-mood.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Expecto Patronum! Get your spells right and express your Gryffindor pride with these Harry Potter costumes that make room for large families and a diverse range of ages.

Whether you want to parade as Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore, Hermoine, Hagrid, or the Chosen One himself, there’s a place for you, even your little hardest-to-please wizard. Bonus: You can also find costumes for Malfoy, Luna, and Dobby the House Toddler-Elf.

Grease is the Word

If you are a hopeless devout of Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, and the rest of the Rydell High gang?

Get your group arranged in picture-perfect ’50s style with the ever ready-to-go Grease costumes. If your family is particularly big, this is a great selection: All you need to do is add more T-birds and Pink Ladies as required. Give the look your finishing touch with extra pomade for the boys and high ponytails for the girls. Do not forget to add your shades as well!