5 Facts You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift ⋆

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift

Love her or hate her, everyone has some level of fascination with country starlet Taylor Swift. When she burst onto the music scene, she was simply another blue-eyed, blonde-haired innocent country singer with sweet lyrics and catchy tunes. Fast forward a couple of years, she has earned herself something of a big ‘Reputation’, which also happens to be the name of her new album. The wolf in sheep’s clothing, the queen of feisty feuds and the best-selling artist who continues to shock the world with her hit after hit- take a glimpse into the life of Taylor we don’t know so well:

1. The story behind ‘Love Story’

Everyone remembers her very first hit single ‘Love Story’, what you probably didn’t know is that this song was based on a very real moment of teenage angst in Swift’s high school days. Yup, when her mother presented Taylor with the Academy of Country Music Milestone Award, she told the story first hand:
“[When] she was 17 years old, her dad and I strongly disapproved of a certain young man—and rightfully so—but she was mad, she was really mad. And she went to her room and she closed the door. And she came out about an hour later with a song called ‘Love Story.’”
Turns out it only took Taylor 20 minutes of writing on her bedroom floor to come up with this best-selling track!

2. She’s Sort of Blind

Believe it or not, not even Taylor can be good at everything, and vision is definitely not one of her strong suits. Taylor Swift’s eye-sight leaves much to be desired- a few years ago she was classified as nearly blind, and since then she must always wear contact lenses or glasses.

3. She was the first ‘Saturday Night Live’ host to ever write their own monologue

Usually, when a celeb hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ writers take care of their monologues for them. But not for Swift. The singer brought along her own script called ‘My Monologue Song’ in which she makes jabs at Kanye West (obviously) and Joe Jonas, plus a shout-out to her then-boyfriend Taylor Lautner. Of course, the song- like everything else Taylor touches- was a hit.

4. If her singing career doesn’t work out, there’s always the novel she wrote to fall back on

That’s right, being the most popular singer in the world is not enough talent for Taylor. At the mere age of 12, Taylor Swift dedicated an entire summer to writing a novel. At 350 pages, the book is ready for print, though the singer has not indicated this is something she’s going to pursue anytime soon.

5. Her unusual childhood pet

While most regular folk will settle for a dog, cat, fish, maybe even a bunny as a childhood pet, this was not for Taylor. In fact, Swift kept hermit crabs as pets. One summer, she lost her pet hermit crab before she had to leave her holiday home in the shore and go back to school, but when she came back to the house that winter- she found it wandering around the house still alive and well! It may be a weird pet choice, but it certainly is one that will last a while.



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