5 Facts You Didn’t know About Ryan Reynolds ⋆

5 Facts You Didn’t know About Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is one of the very few men who succeed in mixing good looks with incredibly funny humor. In the past years, we have watched him go from a rising star of romcoms (who could forget that naked scene I ‘The Proposal’) to one of Marvel’s most successful superheroes in ‘Deadpool’. Since his marriage to the gorgeous Blake Lively, this power couple has entranced us all with their prank-filled marriage, but although he is constantly in the media, there are still some surprising facts about this hunk you may not know!

1. He failed drama class

In a testimony that school grades certainly don’t mean everything, Ryan Reynolds failed his drama class. That’s right, the actor who has proven time and time again that he is phenomenal at his art couldn’t even scrape it through drama class- giving all those who have flunked class before all the hope we need!

2. He has a fear of flying

Proving that even gorgeous, talented and hilarious actors are human beings too, Reynolds has admitted that he has a serious fear of flying. Yet it is very justified. The Green Lantern star shared his seriously scary skydiving experience with Jimmy Fallon, recalling how he and his friends went skydiving when his main parachute malfunctioned sending him plummeting thought the air where he almost lost consciousness. Luckily the star never maintained any serious injuries, but it definitely scarred him for life.


3. His childhood friends tried to sell pictures of him and Blake Lively’s daughter

Being a powerful celeb definitely can put a strain on relationships with friends, and that’s exactly what happened when Ryan Reynolds caught his friend of 25 years trying to sell pictures of his baby! Reynolds said he was devastated at such a betrayal and who could blame him. He was forced to cut that childhood friend out of his life- family first!


4. Filming caused him to suffer from claustrophobia

The Deadpool actor is one who is seriously committed to the art, so much so that he has developed claustrophobia due to one of his roles. When filming ‘Buried’, Ryan had to be locked up for hours every day. As the filming went on, the coffin was filling more and more with sand which gave him less room to move or breath. Not surprisingly, Reynolds now tries to stay away from closed spaces as this performance had some long-term effects.


5. He started off as a soap opera star

Believe it or not, Reynolds didn’t burst onto the scene with his six-pack and witty comments ready to go. In fact, the Canadian star started off as the adorable and rather nerdy Billy on a Canadian soap opera called Hillside. He certainly has come a long, long way.




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