5 Facts You Didn't Know About Princess Diana ⋆

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Princess Diana

Princess Diana, also known as Lady Diana, was the most fascinating and incredible women who belonged to the British Royal family. All of her life was a mix up of ups and downs and the one common thing that almost all of us know about her is that she was the most beautiful women of her time. However, beauty never defines the pattern of one’s life and just like many of us, her life was also full of tragedies. She got married to Prince Charles but then got divorced and her tragic death has yet some question marks to it.

Today in this article we are going to jot down the 6 things that you never knew about the royal beauty. So, people, get ready to be amazed!

1- Her Parents were not so happy about Diana’s birth

Shocking, isn’t it? Princess Diana was the third child born to the Spencer family and she was always neglected and considered a nuisance to have around and that made her feel really sad. However, years later Diana found out that she was an unwanted child because the baby before her was a boy named John who died 10 hours after his birth and the couple wanted a baby boy badly. They tried to have a baby again hoping that it will be a boy but unfortunately (for them) Diana was born, and the parents weren’t so happy about it.

2- Her audio Tapes

A few know about the tapes of Diana, yes you read it right, Princess Diana used to record her thoughts on tapes especially when she knew that her marriage with Prince Charles was falling apart, she recorded her side of the story and gave those tapes to Dr. James Colthrust who was a close friend of hers.

3-Her sister once dated Prince Charles

The royal Prince Charles first dated Sarah who was sister to Princess Diana. Sarah introduced Diana and Prince Charles for the first time and Princess was only 16 at that time.

4- Prince Charles and Princess Diana were related

The most shocking thing that we came to know recently is that both of the royals were somehow related and after research, it occurred that they both were the 16th cousins. The royal family has one complicated tree so the far we are from it the better it is for us.


5- She messed up while saying her vows

Probably one major sign that her marriage wasn’t going to be successful, Princess Diana messed up her vows by saying the word “Philip Charles” instead of “Charles Philip”, she actually mixed up the middle name with the first name.





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