5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Emma Stone ⋆

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Emma Stone

Although there are many reasons to be jealous of Emma Stone, be it because she has the uncanny ability to pull off any hair color, or the fact that she’s probably kissed Ryan Gosling as many times as Eva Mendes, we cannot help but love the gorgeous actress. Stone has proved to be one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars, earning praise for her performances in many favorite films such as Easy A, Superbad, and of course, La La Land.

We all want to know as much as we can about the quirky and talented actress, and maybe it’s because we all want to believe we are friends with her (although I really am) so here it is- those things only Stone’s best of friend, and now you, know about the starlet-

1. She had a unique way of convincing her parents to pursue her acting dream

Stone is known for her nerdy ways, so it comes as little surprise that when she decided she wanted to be an actress at fourteen, she did not beg or plead with her parents, rather she made a PowerPoint presentation. She titled it ‘Project Hollywood 2004’, and in it included various examples of successful entertainers who started young. As hilarious as this sound, it worked, and Stone moved with her mother to the West Coast soon after.

2. Her raspy voice has a backstory

One of Emma’s most recognizable features is her raspy, sultry voice. While some may think this is just how she naturally sounds, the truth is, there is a story behind it. Emma was a very colicky baby who screamed non-stop for her first year on earth, the constant screaming led to her developing nodules on her vocal chords. Until this day Emma needs to be careful while she performs since she loses her voice so easily!


3. She’s a natural blonde

This may come to many of us as a surprise since another stand-out feature of the quirky actress is her red hair. Truth is, Emma is a natural blonde who went red for her breakout role in ‘Superbad’. She liked the look so much, she landed up keeping it!


4. She got an asthma attack while filming a sex scene

I feel like this kind of thing would only happen to Emma Stone. The asthma attack occurred while she was filming the fake-sex scene in ‘Easy A’. the scene involved plenty jumping up and down on a bed and landed up provoking a pretty serious asthma attack. The starlet required an oxygen mask to be brought on the scene before she regained her normal breathing. The best part is she never even knew she was asthmatic before!! While it was embarrassing at the time, Emma laughs about it now.


5. She was on a reality TV show

Before becoming a household name, Stone appeared on a VH1 reality TV show as a contestant In in Search of the New Partridge Family! There’s a reason you’ve never heard of it- that’s because it was a total flop and was stalled after filming only one episode. However, it gave Emma the opportunity to make connections and eventually led to her starring in TV’s Drive, a moderately successful show.




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