Over 40? Makeup Artist Amanda Ramsey Shares Secrets

For many women, getting your eye makeup can be a little tough past the age of 40. With International Women’s Day just around the corner, it’s important that we take the time to appreciate the importance of change. Change isn’t always a bad thing, and while most women reading this will have access to their own little doctrine of make-up tips, Amanda Ramsay has some very important tips for you to try and learn from.

Having worked with top industry names over the years, you can believe that Ramsay knows her stuff. She shares some of the most useful tips that you could use to help make your make-up stresses – including the dreaded “droopy eye” – become a thing of the past in a short space of time.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, she was very clear about what her tips can do for you, saying: “It really helps to lift a hooded or droopy eye, which tends to be what happens to us as part of the aging process. I think women associate the smoky eye with a dark, sooty look, but it doesn’t have to be that. You can use soft pastel colors, or build up color if you’re feeling braver.”

She has three key rules at the moment, then, that you should be looking to try and master if you want to end the challenge of “droopy eye” once and for all.

KISS. Keep it simple, stupid! It’s the most obvious starting point for any complete and clear look. Basically, you need to get better at dealing with volume. If you are lacking confidence, keep it nice and simple – a single color underneath the eye is more than enough.

Charm Wins. Avoid going for anything too specifically dark or harsh; charcoal greys and blacks are a no-no. Go for something a little softer and you should find it easy to control.


Blending. Her other must-use secret is the power of blending. Blending is vital for over-40s as it allows you to avoid harsh lines, which can ensure you look fantastic and maintain your own critical charm and creativity.

Other Tips and Tricks

Another key trick that she shares, is to avoid going for glitter and going for some tactically managed shimmer, instead.

“Use it on the inner corner of your eye where your tear ducts are. When you put it there it really helps and perks you up. It’s my instant “amazing night sleep” tip, it makes you look away and vibrant and ready for the day.”

And what about luminous foundation? “Once we hit 30, our bodies stop producing collagen which helps plump our skin, so it isn’t being produced anymore.”

Julia Gillard a satisfied customer. (Instagram)

“The luminous foundation helps recreate the skin look of our twenties. And if you’re worried about shine, just powder your T-Zone.”

Using the above tips, you should find it pretty easy to get the help that you need to fully understand how to use make-up in your 40s and how to avoid making the mistakes that can lower your confidence.


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