4 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Kids

We’ve all heard that having children is one of the best ways to make your bond stronger with your partner and kids are the reason that love grows between couples. However, there is a lot more that happens after you have kids. Today in this article we are going to jot down the 4 ways in which your relationship changes after you have kids. This article will definitely help you decide if you are ready to have babies or if you are about to have one then you should be ready to face these changes in your life.


So, couples, take notes of what we are about to tell you


1-Where has our spontaneous lovemaking gone?!

You see when your baby arrives in the world he/she becomes the first priority for both of you and you simply have to schedule everything, from your meals to your bathroom timings to your office timings and also your sex timings. The baby has to feed on you and sex won’t be the first thing coming up in your mind when you step in the house with that little one. However, as sex is a necessary part of a relationship so you obviously will have some physical needs but you just can perform sex by scheduling or when your kids go to sleep.


2- Married or Co-workers?

You and your partner won’t stay couples now and you will have more of a co-worker feeling with your significant other. Parenting is one tough job especially if you are the only one handling the child but it isn’t easy when both the partners are working on this mission too. You are just like two workers running a company and handling it 24/7 without getting paid. You have to make a plan for everything and do the everyday chores. Also, you will have to get the grocery, plan meals and birthday parties for your little one.


3- Love and Hate… I just love it

There is just so much stress when it comes to parenting that you get annoyed and angry. Mood swings are one normal thing when you are a parent to an infant and there will be times when one of you will be on the verge of a mental breakdown. Which is why both of you will hate each other most of the times and you just can’t deny it because two of you have different natures and different ways of working and helping and coping up with one another is not possible all the time. Someone has to compromise when the other is angry.


4- Dating? I once knew what that meant



You both will have very less or sometimes no time for each other as you have to focus all and all on your baby and his/her timing of taking meals, playing, sleeping etc. It’s just that their routine becomes your routine and you have to manage work too with parenting which is why the daily routine chores make you extremely tired and you both end up fighting or sleeping. You can no longer go on dates and even if you do then 11pm is the cut off time which is yet going to cost you. Even if you both go on a date, you will have your mind stuck on the baby whether he is fine or not.


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