4 Examples Why Chris Hemsworth is a Great Dad ⋆

4 Examples Why Chris Hemsworth is a Great Dad

Despite not being the biggest fan of movies or TV culture personally, I have to say that I’m pretty enamored by Chris Hemsworth. He’s one of those guys who just seems to offer a kind of radiance that is hard to find. I find a lot of celebrities and big media personalities to be pretty vacuous, actually. My worst self basically thinks that they are professional liars…they literally play the roles of other people for a living. How, then, can you trust anything they say?

Hemsworth, though, carries his own personality which is much easier to love. Free from the grasps of the personality void that many celebs have, he comes across as a pretty sound guy. Here are just some of the examples of when he’s shown he’s a bit more than just your average celebrity.

A Family Man.


One of the most comical moments I’ve seen of him came from him twerking away like nobodies’ business to Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” tune. It was endearing, funny and most of all it was pretty slapstick. I like someone who can have a laugh at their own expense, and it would appear that he has no problems in doing so himself.

Fun Dad.

The most sporting activity I ever get with my dad is the odd kick about with a football. Hemsworth shows his father credentials by always taking his kids to awesome places, like the beach, and enjoying some surfing together. They even use him as the surf board from time to time!

Adventure Man.

Epic weekend with these little legends

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Fresh from saving the universe, or trying as Thor, Hemsworth will spend a lot of time in the wild with his kids. Out exploring and seeing the world enjoying some fishing, some camping or maybe some BBQ, he’s managed to enjoy as many adventures off the camera as he has enjoyed on the camera; he seems like a pretty stand-up guy, in truth.

Baking Man.

Another part of his personality that you might just not have expected is his ability to bake cakes of questionable quality but immense effort. He made his daughter a tremendously detailed T-Rex cake, and it went viral pretty quick. Sure, he’s not exactly the top of the class, but he’s pretty bloody decent when it comes to baking!

He’s definitely the kind of celebrity that I can get behind. As I said, most of them irritate me and don’t really stand for anything he’s a pretty sound role model for others, though. Fair play to him; he’s definitely someone who 100% deserves the success he has had in life so far.

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