Users Post Puzzling Pictures, The Internet Answers. ⋆

Users Post Puzzling Pictures, The Internet Answers.

In the past if you saw something strange, it was likely up to you, someone you knew, a person in the vicinity who could tell you what saw was. Even then, you would be limited to the information available in your local area, such as the city library. Today, we’re lucky to have the internet, and with it, it’s unlimited access to knowledge from places and people far and wide.

In fact, the popular website “Reddit” has a subreddit thread titled “What Is This Thing?” which lets users post photos of things they have no idea about and other people chime in with their ideas. Yes, a place on the internet where you can ask an innocent question and not get trolled. Hard to believe but it does exist.

Check out the list of the craziest explanations for the internet’s most puzzling photo questions.

Green Alien Thing

Question: Green alien thing that grew on my band-aid. What is this thing? The answer is either a very long scientific explanation involving shelf-life, climate, exposure to moisture among other things. The other, simpler and better theory is they are sprinkles.

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