3 Science-Backed Ways to Beat the 3pm Slump ⋆

3 Science-Backed Ways to Beat the 3pm Slump

You know exactly what it’s like. You had an early morning to beat the traffic and get to work on time. Then you went out to lunch and enjoyed a nice bowl of pasta, and now you’re back at work, on coffee cup number three which doesn’t seem to be having any effect on you anymore. It’s about time for you to take a siesta!

Our bodies have internal biological clocks that regulate our energy, and it rhythmically dips and rises throughout the day. From 2 to 5 p.m., our energy drops significantly according to The National Sleep Foundation. If you’re affected by the frequent afternoon crash, here are some solid ways to conquer it.

Eat a low-carb breakfast and lunch

Remember that bowl of pasta you consumed at lunch? That’s one of the quickest ways to lull yourself into an afternoon nap. Foods full of carbohydrates and low in protein spike your blood sugar, leading to a big decrease in energy.

Instead, eat a healthy, balanced, and nutritious lunch and breakfast, stay hydrated throughout the day, and resist sweets. Keep things like nuts, veggies fruits, or yogurt around for those midday hunger pangs

Go for a walk

Put that third cup of coffee down, and take a quick 15-minute stroll around the office – or out of it, if possible – instead because studies have shown that short bouts of physical activity are more effective in boosting energy levels than daily caffeine consumption.

So, next time, instead of heading for the coffee machine to cure your drowsiness, get up from your desk and take a quick walk.

Listen to music

There’s a reason we like to listen to music when we’re trying to get something done, like cleaning the house or working out, and it works the same way for work as well. Do you ever have to make afternoon presentations at your job? Carson Tate, author of Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style, recommends pumping yourself up for a presentation the same way you would for a workout – with music!

Tate recommends a laid-back beat to help you clear your mind as instrumentals without lyrics have helped her to power through cognitive lulls. An album we recommend is “Lilac Skies” by Shambhu Vineberg or “One” by Todd Boston.