3 Funny Posts That Say ‘Clueless’ All Over Them ⋆

3 Funny Posts That Say ‘Clueless’ All Over Them

Well, no one ever said that ALL great minds think alike!  Couples are no exception when it comes to being on the same page at the same time. In an age of digital devices and high technology, some people just never really climbed on board.

Even the most successful relationships can have very funny moments that leave for more questions than answers. It’s a fact that all relationships have their ups and downs but if you can laugh it off, you are by far the better person! Here are three times out of many others that partners were found to be clueless in a hilarious way.

The First Cut Is The Deepest

There’s a right and wrong way to open any package. When it comes to unboxing cables, the most important thing would be to not cut the cables. Or so you would think. When this man’s wife wanted to open her new cables she inadvertently cut the cable itself. We’re not sure this can be salvaged but at least there’s enough rope to, well you know…

Better Pad Up On Ya Knowledge, Pal.

Men: Please understand that a woman is peculiar about her accessories, and in many cases understandably so. So when they ask you to get period pads, please don’t come back with granny leakage pads instead. This is kind of really important to remember. This lady’s husband learned this the embarrassing way.

Just One Drink. “Okay.”

There is a right way and a wrong way to pour a beer. Most people know this but it seems not everyone. When this guy asked his girlfriend to pour him a beer, this is what he got. Who knows, maybe she did it on purpose after he also half-completed a job.

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