He's Only 23 And He's A Grandfather ⋆

He’s Only 23 And He’s A Grandfather

Tommy Connolly was just a regular guy enjoying life in his early 20s. A full-time student, a part-time real-estate agent, and a gifted athlete, the Australian native would soon have his promising life turned upside down upon receiving a Facebook message from someone in his past.

This simple message sent to his social media account would alter his life in ways he never thought imaginable. In a matter of months, he would become one of the youngest grandparents in the world. Along the way, he would encounter challenges he never expected to face. Tommy’s life-changing story will stun you.

Just Another Average Student

Tommy Connolly was your average guy – 23-years-young, he was at the time attending the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. He was working part-time as a real-estate agent, and like many blokes, he had great friends and a loving family.

His life seemed perfect with his future mapped out and all his plans on track. However, one fateful message is all it would take for him to alter stop his life’s goals in its tracks. Yet, not even this could keep the determined Tommy Connolly down and out.

Read on to see how he became the world’s youngest grandpa: