2018 World Cup – Meet The WAGs

The World Cup games held in Russia are supposed to be the highlight for all football fans around the world, even if your country is not playing. Seeing all great players in one place, expecting the best from each and every one of them.

On the other hand, it will also be the hub for all WAGs flying in from around the world to support their partners. So here are world class wives and girlfriends of world-class football players that we know will be there, and some that we wish would be.

Antonella Roccuzzo

This is a fairy tale story everyone should know about – Lio and Antonella grew up together since they were 5 years old! He actually married his childhood love Antonella Roccuzzo. As kids, they played that game we all do: “If you don’t find anyone when you grow up – we will marry each other”. Lucky for them, they became more than friends.

Lucky man: Lionel Messi – Argentina

They are an official couple since 2008. They have three children (future footballers of course). Antonella is a model but she is a very private woman. Messi revealed some details about her, like that she loves dogs, Harry Potter and Disney movies.

Wait! There are more gorgeous wags to see…