21 Breathtaking Athlete WAGs ⋆

21 Breathtaking Athlete WAGs

Do you love sports? Do you appreciate strong, talented beautiful women?
We gathered 20 hottest wives and girlfriends of the best athletes in the world. From soccer to golf and football, these jaw-dropping females are sure going to grab your attention. Starting with..

Kim DeJesus

Lucky man: David DeJesus, Tampa Bay Ray’s (Outfielder)

She’s a model and actress who is best known for roles in movies Dhoom 3, Happy Ending and The Middle Distance. Most fans of baseball would agree she is the most beautiful baseball wife of all time. Kim and David met during a charity event they both attended and they instantly fell in love. She blew his mind by her looks, and who can blame him? Another brunette with blue eyes, sexy looks and great personality. David knows how to score, ironically speaking.