The 1990's Friendly Floatees Are Still Out There ⋆

The 1990’s Friendly Floatees Are Still Out There

Our world is full of oddities; the kind of thing that you read about and can barely believe what you have just read. However, one story from the early 90s takes that to a whole new level. For example, have you heard about the event from January 1992 that indirectly played a major role in changing how we look at the seas forever?

In 1992, a massive ship set off to deliver a huge collection of rubber ducks. When they left for sea, the ship got caught up in a massive storm and the container which held the rubber duck toys fell overboard between Hong Kong and the United States. They are naturally water-capable little fellows who can handle themselves on water.

So, for years after the loss of the cargo in 1992, the world has often been blessed by surprise deliveries of adorable cargo forms in the shape of a rubber duck washed up on shores around the globe!

These ducks have appeared all across the world, floating into beaches, ports, and bays all across the planet. From islands near Scotland to beaches on the coast of Australia, and of course the United States. These duckies still wash up from time to time, and every time they do, it brings back memories of this adorable story from the 90s.

People tend to come across these in random places, where sea currents have driven them onto the land and created an absolutely outrageous set of circumstances. Even places like Hawaii and Japan have been visited by some of these ducks that were lost at sea!

Indeed, the comical nature of the journey actually helped us to further develop the way that we look at currents of the sea. From helping us understand how movement is changing in the sea to better understanding ocean currents, this is a truly exceptional coincidence that quickly became a very important part of modern science.

28,000 Rubber Duckies Changed the World

So many thousands of rubber duckies all going out to sea together obviously have the potential to catch the eye. When they fell overboard, everyone presumed that was it; a total waste, never to bring joy and happiness to kids around the world. For over two decades, though, they have turned up on beaches and harbors all across the world bringing joy to thousands of random people and children.

Indeed, they are even known today affectionately called the Friendly Floatees. If you come across one bobbing around or lying at the beach, snap a photo and upload it online. Many communities are built around finding these little ducks, with thousands of them still floating out there.

Many are said to be floating at the North Pacific Gyre, where a large current vortex means that many items get drawn into and just hang around. Plastic bags, debris and various pieces of plastic just float around in the maelstrom, and we presume more than a few of our friends have become stuck in the water with them.

At least these little duckies helped us to learn a lot about the world of water that, until now, we simply did not have the opportunity to fully understand. Amazing, right!?

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