10-year-old Saves Brother Using Movie Moves

When you watch any kind of episode or show about  wrestling or any kind of stunt or action show, it tends to come with a “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!” notice to try and put kids off emulating their TV heroes. However kids are rapid learners and are usually very quick to pick up on what they are seeing unfold in front of them on the screen.

However, for one 10-year-old kid, learning some of these action moves was the most important thing he might ever have done. Jacob O’Connor, 10, was watching an action movie starring wrestling star Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as The Rock. Seeing some of the moves in the film, he learned a lot more about life than just how to kick some ass!

Putting Moves Into Action

When his little bro, Dylan, 2, began to struggle, Jacob was right in there using the action moves he’d seen in the movies to save a life.

He saw his little brother lying down in the swimming pool, motionless. Naturally, he pulled him out of the pool and immediately began to carry out a CPR procedure that he’d seen used on TV. He kept doing so until he could hear the little man’s heart beating once again, and then Dylan was rushed off to hospital. His mother, Christa, was frantic but relieved – and so exceptionally proud of her son. Asking him how he knew what to do, he told her that he’d learned it watching San Andreas, a movie starting The Rock.

As you might imagine, the prolific social media user and all-round good guy decided to send out some messages to Jacob. Praising him for his “heroic actions”, Johnson made sure that Jacob knew he wanted to come and shake his hand.

A Surprise Meeting

Then, he posted on Instagram that he was going to fly out to Vancouver to meet the little man – he also hoped that he could meet little Dylan, who was still recovering in hospital at that point in time. Contacting through various intermediaries, the meet was set up and The Rock was able to fly out and meet the kids – telling Jacob to “bring your sweet tooth!” as he had plenty of goodies for him.

As you might imagine, the family were rather amazed at the gesture. Taking to social media herself, Christa posted: “Dwayne Johnson, Thank you so much again! Taking this time out for my son, in your busy schedule, is astonishing! Means the world to us!!”

It just goes to show, then, that all of those movies that kids watch can have a majorly positive effect on them. People worry about what the violence in movies might do to kids, but it just showcases that kids can pick up some pretty major lesson from watching these kind of movies – well done to Jacob, and we hope that little Dylan recovers in good time.


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