10 things you should know before going to babymoon

Has your doctor given you an approval for going on babymoon?

Your pregnancy might be going great and you don’t have any complications, which is awesome. But that does not mean that you can travel by all cause.  Before you start making plans about your romantic voyage, talk to your doctor. Pregnant women react differently to traveling. Be sure that your doctor gave you an approval before you head out.



When you will feel the best on your trip?

You already know that nausea and fatigue happen a lot in the first trimester, and that the weight and the size of your baby can make you lose energy. Second trimester would be the perfect time for you to travel, you will feel comfortable. Of course if you talked to your OBGYN before. ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologist) claim that most of the pregnancy emergencies happen during the first and third trimester.

Do you need any vaccines that can be harmful?

Before you head out to any destination you need to check which vaccines are recommended for the area. Most of the vaccines are safe during the pregnancy; some like Zostavax, MMR and HPV can be troublesome. Ask your doctor or look up online which vaccines are needed in certain areas.



Does your travel destination have any confirmed cases of Zika?

In the last year, the Zika virus- which can cause birth complications and defects such as microcephaly in unborn babies, made its way to many countries, including the ones that are popular destinations for travelers. CDC (The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) often advise women not to travel to countries that have registered cases of this virus. You don’t want to go on your babymoon somewhere with confirmed cases of Zika!

How do you break up or minimize travel time?

One of your main concerns about traveling is that sitting for too long during pregnancy can cause blood clots. Be sure you don’t sit for too long and take brakes, consider breaking up your travel time to avoid the risks. The American Pregnancy Association’s recommendation is that you don’t travel more than six ours per day; also they recommend women to wear compression socks to avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on long flights.

What are the airline’s rules for pregnant travel?

Most airlines require your doctor’s note that confirms that you can travel if you are in your last trimester. But they can refuse a passenger if they think there’s a risk for the flight.



Where can you find the closest medical help?

Before you go on your babymoon check for the closest hospitals or medical centers into he area. Don’t pick a destination that is far away from those. Keep the fact that some of the medical workers at your possible travel destination might not be fluent in English.

Is your hormonal skin going to suffer in the sun?

Make sure that you don’t pick a destination that is too hot because of the UV rays that might cause some skin problems.

Will the heat be bearable?

Your destination shouldn’t be somewhere where it’s too hot, pregnant bodies have lower heat tolerance.

Are you going to be in a quiet area?

Pick a place you will be relaxed, without any noise. You need to calm and zoned out in order to really enjoy your babymoon.

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