​Watch: Cambodian Street Boy Speaks Over 10 Languages ⋆

​Watch: Cambodian Street Boy Speaks Over 10 Languages

Have you ever tried to learn a second language even trying to remember just a few phrases and found it so hard that you just gave up ?

Well, this little guy is sure to put all of us to shame because he claims to speak and understand over 10 different languages. What is amazing about it that he did it living on the street selling souvenirs.

The little boy was selling souvenirs to tourists – he had a basket full of magnets, flutes, and bags which he was trying to sell as many of as he could.

A video of the boy went viral after tourist and traveler Venus GWC posted it to Facebook. It now has over 27,500 shares and 22,000 likes. Venues posted this message along with the video:


I met 2 kids in the Ta Prohm temple at Angkor Wat. First was Lisa, she is 7 years old, she was selling flute alone, I approached her and talked to her, she told me she can sing the famous cat song in Tik Tok. We had fun playing and recording. What really shocked me was another boy who is so talented, he can speak more than 10 languages. He talked to me in Cantonese at first, then he told me how many languages he can speak,  he really WOW me”.

“I met him at Ta Prohm temple, which is the famous Tomb Rider filming location. I feel grateful that his video gone viral, it might create more awareness to people there are kids still struggle to live their life every day. Be thankful and be grateful. Be kind and be good. Love. Peace.”

Venus spoke to the boy in many different languages and he told her he could speak Cantonese, Chinese, English, Thai, Korean, French, Japanese, Spanish. Mandarin, German, Filipino, and Malay. Is that Impressive or is it very impressive?

Many people have responded to the Facebook post, one said: “Such a clever boy should not just sell things by the roadside. After it goes viral, I hope someone would notice it and help him for the sake of his future.

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